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Stealth Security Inc Tips for Home & Businesses in the Tri-City Area


Did you know that in Canada a break and enter happens about every three minutes?

Although nothing is guaranteed to eliminate your chances of being a victim, there are many security measures, along with having a security alarm system, that can greatly reduce the chance. Criminals rely on carelessness and apathy to achieve their goals, so by incorporating a few things into your routine, you can lower your risk of being victimized.

Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

Close your blinds or curtains when you aren’t home, and turn on a light if it is dark outside.
Leave on a radio or television when you aren’t home.
Never hide keys outside of your home.
Never leave notes on your door alluding that your premises may be vacant.

Residential Locks & Doors

Residential Locks & Doors


Key control is most important. If keys are missing, have them changed.


Locks with a key hole in the knob are not reliable; they can easily be forced open.


When at all possible, install deadbolts on all exterior doors.


Doors should be mounted so that the hinges are not accessible from the outside.


Sliding glass doors and windows can be lifted out of their tracks. Install self-tapping screws in the upper track that allow the door or window to slide into place. A square edged length of wood or a metal bar placed at the bottom of the track will resist lateral forcing.


Keep all doors and windows locked even when you are home.

Business Security Tips

Business Security Tips


Computer tie-downs are a very efficient way to protect high end equipment on site.


Use security bars on doors and windows that have substantial exposure. It is very common for criminals to drive vehicles through the front glass on a building.

Upgrade your locks. Even consider key cards or remotes as the locks on most building doors are fairly easy to remove.

Close blinds in any offices that are at ground level. What they cannot see cannot tempt them.


Motion lighting and barricades are a great deterrent.

Secure Your Personal & Professional Property with Visual Deterrents

Secure Your Personal & Professional Property with Visual Deterrents


The visual deterrent philosophy is simple: when given a choice, a thief is more likely to strike the location that appears the easiest to access.


However, visual deterrents should not be overwhelming to the average person approaching your home or your business. Bars should be colour matched to the building, sliding gates should be tucked neatly aside during working hours, large concrete planters filled with flowers or plants could adorn the exterior entrance to your location. The goal is to ensure that your location is safe while appearing pleasant to your customers and friends.


Be sure to contact Stealth Security Inc for more security tips and information about our stationary and mobile patrols.

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