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24 Hour Alarm Monitoring & Response

Alarm monitoring is an essential component of a complete alarm system for robbery prevention. When an alarm system detects a break in or a fire, a signal is sent from your alarm system to the monitoring station who in turn notifies the necessary emergency response or authorities. These contacts can be the local police, the fire department, your alarm response provider or yourself. So, if your home or business is not monitored, and your alarm goes off, who will notify the authorities? 

Most likely no one.

Stealth Security Inc provides local ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) monitoring. The station provides 24-hour protection by using state of the art equipment. We offer monitoring service to our customers who purchase a system or to anyone who wishes to convert to our service with their existing equipment.

Stealth Security Inc designs and monitors a range of systems from basic, single-user residential burglar alarm systems to fully integrated burglar/fire/medical alarm, closed circuit television and access control systems for major, high-security complexes.

Alarm Response 

Alarm response (or “runner service” as it is commonly known) is the link which completes the alarm system. When the monitoring station receives a signal from an alarm system, it generally has choices as to whom they may contact. Often they will contact the local police first, but this can become costly with the false alarm penalties that many districts and cities have recently implemented. An alternative would be to have yourself, your neighbour or your employees contacted, but this can be inconvenient and can cause problems if these persons can’t be reached. The option is to have a “runner service” who will respond to your alarm and who is available to take the call.

Stealth Security Inc provides this service not only to customers who we installed systems for or monitor, but also for premises that are monitored by other companies. In order to minimize our response times and to increase our effectiveness, we do restrict our current alarm response service to the Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody) and the surrounding areas. Call us today to start your 24 hour alarm monitoring and response system.

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