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Security Cameras & Video Surveillance in the Lower Mainland

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance in the Lower Mainland

Let Stealth Security Inc take care of you 24/7 with our video surveillance systems. You can stream from anywhere in the world from the internet or your smart phone to watch your home or business live or go back a week or more on your recording solution to see a specific time or event in question.

Stealth uses all the latest in camera and digital recorder technologies, for seamless and uninterrupted images that will be sure to impress. Watch your feed, capture a still image and zoom in for facial recognition or just a closer look at what’s going on. These are all possibilities.

The best part? We can integrate your surveillance with your security system as well as our alarm response services, meaning that when police or our personnel are checking out your property because of an alarm, they know exactly where to go and what they are looking for. And as many people know, there are cities in the Lower Mainland in which the police will not respond to an alarm without verification of a break in, so get verified with video surveillance.

FLIR-TCX-PTZ Thermal Cameras

Still want more? Stealth Security now proudly offers FLIR® Thermal Cameras. Make your network of CCTV security cameras complete and more effective with thermal security cameras, which complement your CCTV cameras and enable you to see threats that may not be seen by a regular camera or the naked eye. FLIR® Thermal Cameras have on-board video analytics with the ability to classify human, animal or vehicle intrusions and calibrated temperature measurement for fire detection, safety, and thermal monitoring equipment. Sounds cool, right? Check out the video on this page for a real idea of just how cool they are.

So be it a break and enter, an insurance claim, or just checking in on your home or business, Stealth Security Inc has you covered! Call us today to set up your very own security cameras!

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