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Alarm Troubleshooting and System Manuals

At Stealth Security Inc we offer many alarm systems for both homes and offices. To make sure you know the bells and whistles for your specific system, we offer online model manuals. These include: 

DSC Quick Reference Guide

If you have any concerns about your current system or would like to install a new alarm system, please call Stealth Security Inc at 604-552-5523.

Setting the System Date and Time 

To set the system time, enter [*][6] followed by the Master Code. Press [1]. The keypad will now accept 10 consecutive digits:

  • Enter the time in hours & minutes using the 24 hour format (00:00 to 23:59)
  • Enter the date in months, days & years (MM DD YY)
  • Press [#] key to exit programming

Note: If you have an LCD keypad, your installer may have programmed your system to display the time and date while the keypad is idle. If this is the case, you may have to press the [#] key to clear the date and time before entering an access code to arm the system, or before performing any other keypad function.

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