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Commercial & Residential Mobile Patrols & Stationary Security Guards

Commercial & Residential Mobile Patrols & Stationary Security Guards

Mobile patrols consist of a guard periodically checking your location to ensure it is secure. A guard will physically check the perimeter of the buildings, check gates and fences to ensure that the site is secure. This service can be provided for both residential and commercial customers.

The mobile patrols in our Industrial Park Package provide a definite level of security and do discourage criminals from targeting your premises. However, to reach the highest security level, a static/stationary guard is our recommendation.

Stationary Guards

A stationary security guard (commonly referred to as a static guard) is a guard who is situated at one site or one location only. They are restricted to only that site and should never leave the site unattended while on duty. The advantage of a stationary guard is that you have dedicated service. The disadvantage is that it can be costly. It is important to analyze the costs vs. the benefits when considering this security option over other options such as mobile patrols or our Industrial Park Package.

All of the Stealth Security Inc guards are licensed, bonded and insured. They are all trained in not only security but also in public relations to ensure that they are approachable and responsive to every person’s needs.

In BC, security guards are required to complete two government mandated courses: Basic Security Training I and Basic Security Training II. Upon completion of the training, the person must be licensed by the Security Programs Division of the Ministry of Attorney General as mandated in the Private Investigators Security Act.

When employing the services of a security company, it is always important to verify both the security company and the security guards are licensed through the Ministry of Attorney General.

Comprehensive Industrial Park Package 

Stealth Security Inc provides a comprehensive mobile patrol package to the Tri-City industrial parks in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam.

In order to reduce crime within any given area, according to all crime prevention authorities, a high-profile continual presence is of great importance. Stealth Security Inc has, as a result, restricted our security vehicle fleet to the Industrial Park area, thus creating a highly mobile continual and conspicuous presence. This is comparable to mall security, except provided in an industrial park. Our goal is to make the Tri-City industrial parks safe and secure for everyone.

Stealth Security Car

Our hours of patrol are 6:00pm to 6:00am Monday to Friday and 24 hours on weekends and statutory holidays. As well as drive-by patrols, we will also check your doors, windows, gates and yards.

We currently recommend that alarm monitoring companies contact our patrol vehicle first. With our vehicles being restricted to the Industrial Park, our response time is minimal. Within reason, there is no extra charge for false alarm calls.

Personal security is also an important part of the service we provide. If after working late you do not feel comfortable leaving the building, please do not hesitate to call our patrol vehicle to provide an escort.

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