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Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

While there is a wide range of options in each burglar alarm system, the basic goal is always the same: to deter and detect intruders without hindering your current lifestyle in your home or the work ethic at your business.

Each burglar alarm system consists of these basic components: keypad, siren, door and window contacts, motion detectors and a control panel. The door and window contacts are the first stage of protection – detecting an intruder that is trying to enter the property. The motion detectors are the second stage of protection – detecting and monitoring intruders’ movements once inside.

Your level of protection is determined both by the number and type of components you have installed. As a result, it is important to have your premises inspected so that the system may be customized to best fit your needs. Stealth Security Inc will create a custom security report that outlines your possible security breaches. This report then recommends, based on your security risk and budget, the alarm system components suited to your needs. While an alarm system is a crucial component of your overall security plan, no alarm system is truly complete without monitoring and alarm response. Be sure to contact Stealth Security in Port Coquitlam for your residential and commercial security system needs.

Residential Alarm Systems

It is our belief that an alarm system must fit not only your needs but also your budget. Personal security should be an affordable option to everyone. As well as the basic components of an alarm system, there are some specialized options which may suit your home and your lifestyle.

Pet-Friendly Motion Detectors

Pet motions are a great way of securing your home without having to sacrifice the closeness of your pet. These motions are designed to allow a pet of approximately eighty pounds to wander freely in your home before the alarm is tripped.


Stay-mode is also a benefit for your home system. It allows you to set your perimeter devices but not arm any of the interior motions. This enables you to wander freely throughout your home without worry.

Emergency Call Buttons

Emergency call buttons are also available. These devices can either be mounted in key locations throughout your home or can be portable. These are excellent devices for the elderly or for the ill to carry with them. If they should fall or hurt themselves, they press the button and a signal is sent to the monitoring station who, in turn, dispatches the necessary response.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Every business is unique in its operation and security needs. It is important that your alarm system be tailored to meet your corporate needs as well as budget. In addition to the basic components of an alarm system, there may be some products which may complement your system.

Outside motion detectors are very effective in compounds and yards where access is limited to certain hours or personnel.

Access cards and systems can be used to control access to the entire building or to certain restricted areas.

Video cameras can be used to monitor access to restricted areas or to view who is entering the premises.

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